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Nerdy Folks Podcast

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Oct 25, 2023

Matt and katie discuss two famous Alien Abduction stories. The Barney and Betty Hill case and the case of Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson both made a splash in the media and brought alien abduction into the national zeigeist. Matt and Katie also listen to a story told by one of Matt's youth group students and  try to...

Oct 18, 2023

Why do we assume that aliens would show up and annihilate us? Maybe aliens would take pitty on us and actually help us.  

Conflicts around the world:

Crisis Group International:


Global Conflict Tracker:

Oct 11, 2023

Is the U.S. Government in possession of alien technology? Are products we use everyday the result of secret programs working to reverse engineer that alien tech? These are real question being asked by members of congress and by faculty at Harvard university. 

Harvard Professor Story: 

Oct 4, 2023

NASA has an alien Czar. Congress holds a public hearing on UAP sightings. Aliens have been a stable of sci-fi for decade, but it appears that aliens have gone mainstream. Matt and Katie also share 8 noteable alien encounters from a list courated by Chat GPT, who may or may not be an alien intellegence.


Whether or not...