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Nerdy Folks Podcast

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Oct 26, 2022

Matt and Katie discuss the wacky She-Hulk Finale and speculate on the future of She-Hulk. What's KEVIN's future in the MCU? What's the deal with Wong bailing out Emil? What's in store for Jen and Matt? 

Oct 19, 2022

On this episode, Matt and Katie talk about Rings of Power. The show was met by mixed review from the fans. What do you think now that season one is done? Matt and Katie share their thoughts in this fun albeit spoiler-filled episode. By the way, did you know J.R.R. Tolkein's birthday is January 3rd, 1892? Now you do. 

Oct 12, 2022

On this episode, Matt and Katies discuss the spooky but not too scary Werewolf By Night. Did you know there are Werewolf self assessment quizzes? We didn't either! 

Oct 5, 2022

Here is part two of our interview with lawyer and astrophotographer Dr. Richard Hammar. We discuss 2001 Space Odyssey, aliens and Dr. Hammar's journey from Atheism to Christianity. We also learn about a guy who almost died while testing space suites for NASA.