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Nerdy Folks Podcast

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Oct 26, 2022

Matt and Katie discuss the wacky She-Hulk Finale and speculate on the future of She-Hulk. What's KEVIN's future in the MCU? What's the deal with Wong bailing out Emil? What's in store for Jen and Matt? 

Aug 24, 2022

On this Episode, Katie and Matt talk about She-Hulk. What did we think? What did we like? What did we dislike? How is She-Hulk's habit of breaking the fourth wall kind of like prayer? You'll have to listen to find out! 

Aug 17, 2022

On this episode, Matt and Katie welcome their young kids to the share their reaction to the new series of animated shorts featuring Groot as a youngster. It's a fun episode that might just have you feeling young again by the end! 

Aug 10, 2022

On this episode of the show, Matt and Katie discuss Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. What does the season finale tell us about Captain Pike's fate? How does Pike's hair stay perfect in every scene? Is the captain's hair even real? We discuss these questions and more! 

Aug 2, 2022

On this episode of the show, Matt and katie discuss Matt's experience exhibiting at a brand new Comic Convetion in Minneapolis, MN. They also talk through the some of the major reveals from San Diego Comic Con, and one show that seems to be flying under the radar at the moment.